"If you elect to work with Susan, you will come to believe it was one of the best decisions you ever made."

Dr. Sherrie Ford
Change Partners, L.L.C.
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Why Susan

First and foremost, Susan focuses on what is best for her client. She listens with interest, allowing ample time for her client to talk through his/her situation. She has the ability to process client concerns and bring clarity and focus to their true needs.

People feel comfortable with Susan, trust her and disclose information to her that allows her to help them. She treats people with unconditional positive regard, valuing them and what they have to offer. She is skilled in engaging people in discussions and activities, drawing out their best thinking.

Susan has expertise across a wide range of subjects and is a lifelong learner. She brings a wealth of useful tools, models, concepts and principles to the table and guides her clients in creating workable plans/solutions. The information she shares has lasting impact on clients, both inside and outside of the workplace. The overwhelming majority of her work comes through client referrals.

To find out more contact Susan by clicking here or call 352-318-4962.