Successful living requires a balance of courage and compassion, just as it demands we balance the time we devote to achievement with the time we invest in our relationships. Courage & Compassion is a free monthly newsletter about success in life and business.

Relationships, like everything else in life, require maintenance. Unattended, they deteriorate; just like a yard, a house, or the human body.

Your company’s structure, strategies, systems and stock options may be first rate, but if your people don’t have the desire and ability to maintain effectual collaborative relationships, you won’t get very far.

Work and personal relationships impact each other. Strained relationships in the workplace generally lead to strained relationships at home. The reverse is also true.

Understanding yourself and others better, and genuinely valuing the differences that exist between people, enable you to build and maintain healthy relationships. As you build healthy relationships, you increase your ability to influence others and achieve the results you desire for your team and organization.

While I provide my clients with sound tools, concepts, principles, and processes, it is my ability to help them see what they have difficulty seeing and my skill in helping people behave in more effective ways that contribute the most to their success.

In future newsletters, I look forward to sharing ideas to help you improve yourself, your business, your relationships and your life.

Wishing you every success,
Susan Silvers

The entire look around and see what’s most meaningful for you. You may enjoy some of the surveys in the Articles and Resources tab. There’s one on team meetings, one on team health and one on “love loss” in the marriage relationship.

When someone says something negative about you, live in such a way that no one will believe it.

It's the difference between the way we think things should be and the way they actually are that makes us angry.

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