"The tools that Susan offers as a life coach have revolutionized the way I approach relationships both inside and outside of the workplace."

Corrin Hoffmann
Program Manager
Lynchburg Regional Chamber of Commerce
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Feedback That Changes Things

Feedback is a powerful tool for facilitating positive behavioral change. Well-delivered feedback reduces defensiveness and increases your influence over others. It is critical to effectual employee development and successful conflict resolution. This recording explores the seven pitfalls to avoid when delivering feedback and nine feedback applications, each illustrated with an example. Read more...

Meetings That Work

Meetings are one of the universally despised aspects of corporate life and are frequently cited as the number one frustration and time-waster in organizations of all kinds. Meeting leaders/facilitators often lack the tools and techniques needed to structure and lead meetings that produce results. This MP3 recording presents sixteen tools for managing the people/interaction and task/structure sides of a meeting. Once you master these tools, every meeting you lead will produce something of value. Read more...


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