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Tracey A. O'Malley,
Office of Professional Development, University of Georgia Training and Development
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Meetings that Work

Tools/Techniques for managing the people/interaction side of a meeting:

  • Three-step process for gathering and evaluating ideas (increases number of ideas offered)
  • Importance and use of a “visual anchor”
  • Purpose, product and process statement (most powerful task tool)
  • Problems, decisions and plans
  • Action items and “parking lot”
  • Meeting review
  • Meeting record
  • Questioning skills

Tools/Techniques for managing the task/structure side of a meeting:

  • The “Full Value Contract”
  • Meeting tools (“dead horse”, “tangent bell” and “undercurrent manager”)
  • The “move on” clause
  • Definition of support
  • “Group traffic” management
  • Techniques for balancing participation
  • When participants interrupt one another…
  • Handling disruptive behavior – the five-step intervening process

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