"What I particularly appreciated in your approach was the "nuts and bolts" aspect of your work and how it can be linked upward and downward in an organization."

James D Maloney, Jr. CAE
Executive Director
The Community Leadership Association
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Client Results

Team Development, Facilitation, Mediation

  • Focused, productive, proactive teams
  • Clear direction, goals, roles and behavioral expectations
  • Higher levels of individual and organizational accountability
  • Increased collaboration among internal customers/across functional areas
  • Synergistic solutions (superior ideas as a result of collaborating)
  • Meetings that produce decisions and action
  • Restored business relationships
  • Less unproductive behavior (bad mouthing, back biting, "covering yourself")
  • Reduced stress


  • Increased awareness of self and impact on others
  • Improved self-management and social skill
  • Ability to effectively handle differences/resolve conflict
  • Increased ability to influence others
  • Clear direction/course of action/next steps
  • Increased confidence

Marriage Workshops and Coaching

  • Greater understanding of own and spouse's behavior
  • Reduced conflict
  • Less stress
  • Increased marital satisfaction
  • Improved mental, physical and emotional health
  • Children that are secure, confident and more resistant to peer pressure

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