"She has a way of easily building trust with different types of people and increasing their confidence in their ability to make positive changes in their behavior."

Henry L. McKinney, Jr.
Hawthorne First Baptist Church
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Full-Circle (360º) Feedback & Coaching

Full-Circle feedback is a process that makes it possible for an individual to receive a large amount of feedback from a number of people within a short period of time. Individuals typically choose to solicit feedback from their leader, their direct reports and their colleagues, thereby getting a full-circle (360º) view of how they are perceived with regard to certain behaviors. Feedback may also be requested from customers and/or suppliers. Full Circle feedback results then feeds the coaching process for this individual.

Full Circle Feedback is intended for the development of the individual receiving the feedback. It is not recommended as an assessment or performance evaluation tool.

For Individuals: The Process

  • A structured feedback form is used and is customized for the client. The individual receives both numeric (ratings) and text (responses to open-ended questions) feedback once the feedback forms are processed. Broad content areas may include: supporting the organization, providing leadership, and developing others.
  • The client is initially coached on how to effectively distribute the forms and request the feedback.
  • Individuals providing feedback receive pre-addressed postage paid envelopes and are asked to mail their feedback forms directly to Susan Silvers, Inc. for processing.
  • Once all forms that have come in have been processed, Susan delivers the report to the individual and walks him/her through the results.
  • The client receives coaching on what to work on, how they might approach it and how to respond to the feedback givers. It is important to touch back with each person who was given a feedback form, whether or not all forms were sent in for processing.

For Departments: The Process

  • A modified version of the Full-Circle Feedback Process is used to help departments or functions assess their impact on internal customers (other departments.)
  • A smaller number of questions is used (usually five to six), and feedback forms are distributed to individuals within internal customer departments. The feedback is processed off-site (as described above). Once all forms are processed, the leadership of the department reviews the results and determines next steps. Susan is available to assist the leadership as they review the results.
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