"She professionally handled all situations, earned our trust and built trust among team members."

Jeff Brannan
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Meeting Repair & Facilitation

Meeting Repair

Meetings, although dreaded by most, are the lifeblood of an organization. As meetings go, so goes the organization. If your meetings do not regularly produce synergistic solutions and sound decisions, Meeting Repair could help you.

  • Meeting observation and feedback with recommendations for improved results
  • Recommended for leadership team meetings, function-specific or departmental meetings, ad hoc team meetings, board meetings, "All-Employee Meetings", educators' staff meetings, etc.

Meeting Design & Facilitation

Meeting design and facilitation - Designing and driving the "process" of a meeting so that those with a vested interest can fully participate in the "content" of the meeting.

Meetings are expensive. At an average personnel cost of $100 per hour (salaries, benefits, training, etc.), A one hour meeting involving ten people costs $1500. The extra $50 per person represents the unproductive "ramp up" time prior to the meeting and the "recovery" time after. When the issue is critical, many different functions are involved, or strong commitment to the outcome is critical to success, a client may choose to invest in a professional facilitator.


  • Identify client needs/desired outcomes
  • Design the meeting
  • Review proposed design (client)
  • Facilitate the meeting
  • Create and deliver the meeting record
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