"I have never had a better learning experience than with Susan."

Sue W. Lee
Oxford, GA 30054
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Non-Business Offerings

Title: DiSC behavioral style profiling - You're getting on my nerves! (Yes, the "i" is intended to be lowercase. Come to the workshop and find out why!)

  • Identifying your style (DiSC instrument)
  • What does it mean?
  • Playing to your strengths
  • Style and conflict response
  • Styles under stress
  • Planning to use what you've learned

Title: Myers-Briggs Type Indicator - That's not how I do it

  • The MBTI instrument - There is no "better" or "best" type
  • Description of type preferences (E-I, S-N, T-F, J-P)
  • Your type preferences
  • Activities to increase understanding and see type in action
  • Applying type-learnings

Title: Dating With Purpose - Stop wasting your time

  • Dating - an eliminatory process
  • Know yourself
  • What are you really looking for?
  • Assessing your date
  • Planning your next steps

Title: Destructive Dating Patterns - Staying out of relationship traps

  • What is a relationship trap?
  • Falling for the same "type" over and over again
  • Holding back the heart
  • Entering the relationship "mind-first"
  • Breaking away

Title: Preparing for marriage - "I do; now what?"

  • Why marry?
  • Why this person?
  • Infatuation
  • The reality of marriage
  • Managing expectations
  • Commitment - Do you really mean it?

Title: "Affair-Proofing" Your Marriage - Why eat out when there's fillet at home?

  • Male/female differences
  • "Love Leaks"
  • Understanding one another's needs
  • State of the marriage
  • Steps you will take
  • Planning for on-going "maintenance"

Title: Building a Satisfying Marriage - Principles for marriage health

  • The acceptance principle
  • The kindness principle
  • The "long view" principle
  • The "no losers" principle
  • The forgiveness principle
  • Next steps

Title: Trouble-shooting your marriage - "We started out so well"

  • Looking back
  • The "state of the union"
  • Trouble spots
  • Pick three
  • Commitment to action
  • Thankful for...

Title: Living on Purpose - "Am I on track?"

  • The "rear view mirror"
  • Lessons learned
  • Important to me
  • Yet to accomplish
  • Use of my time - Congruent or not?
  • Next steps

Title: Dealing with destructive behavior - First Change Your Mind

  • What's your poison?
  • What does it cost
  • If only...
  • Changing your mind
  • Future focus
  • The support you need
  • The next step

Title: Understanding the Man in Your Life - "Why won't he ask for directions?"

  • How he's different from you
  • What he needs
  • With power comes responsibility
  • Unconditional honor
  • He's not your girlfriend

Title: Understanding the Woman in Your Life - "Where's the manual?"

  • How she's different from you
  • Why that reaction?
  • What she's really means
  • What she really wants
  • Building up credits

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