"Our team is much more effective and efficient because of our time with Susan."

Sara Williams
Smelter Service Corporation
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Strategic Planning

Proverb - "Without a vision the people perish."

Many employees are unclear about where their organization is headed and why it is headed in that direction. In some organizations, there seems to be no strategic direction at all. This leads to frustration and reactivity. The company never seems to "get ahead of the curve."

Even when strategic information is shared through an "All-Employee Meeting" or similar, employees frequently have difficulty making the connection between the strategy and what they do each day. A critical part of strategic planning involves communicating the strategy in ways that engage employees in making it happen.

  • Strategic planning - Customized according to client need. Creation of a compelling vision, mission, values, goals, strategies, and projects/initiatives.
  • Action planning, project execution and sustainability are also offered.
Team Development | Strategic Planning | Conflict Mediation | Meeting Repair & Facilitation | Retreat Design & Facilitation

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