"I would recommend Susan for any organization that wants to understand the dynamics in the management team and has a desire to grow."

James Rueter
Director of Manufacturing
National Vision, Inc.
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Team Development

Team = A group of people seeking to accomplish something together

As the definition implies there are two elements to any team, the people/interaction element (a group of people) and the task/structure element (seeking to accomplish something). Teams may require "tune ups" in one or both areas in order to reach their full potential.

Team-Related Services Susan Offers Include:

Launching a New Team

  • Facilitating the creation of team identity, structure, vision, mission, goals, roles, behavioral expectations, strategies, and projects/initiatives
  • Interaction and meeting skills are also addressed

Team Analysis/Assessment

  • Identifying barriers to becoming a high performing team (task and people elements) May involve informal interviews with individual team members.

Team Development

  • Sessions and events designed to remove barriers uncovered through Team Analysis/Assessment

Interdependent Teams

  • Strengthening collaboration among interdependent teams.
Team Development | Strategic Planning | Conflict Mediation | Meeting Repair & Facilitation | Retreat Design & Facilitation

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