"I now know what I have to work on. This paradigm shift has made a major difference in my level of performance and my creativity in starting my own business."

Susan Jameson
LifeBlooms Wellness
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What is Coaching?

The word "coaching" originated in England where the wealthy traveled from place to place in black-lacquered horse-drawn coaches.

Coaching meant, "Conveying a person of value from where he/she is to where he/she wants to go."

This definition still fits well. A coach is a trusted other who comes alongside and helps a client (in the professional or personal arena) go where he/she wants to go/achieve what he/she wants to achieve.

"A person of value" also has implications for the coaching process. Successful coaches treat their clients with unconditional honor. Condemnation is a poor motivator. Clients that seek coaching achieve success, in part, as a result of the support and encouragement their coaches provide.

Communication and interaction with the client should be respectful at all times. This does not mean that the coach avoids sharing "the hard truth", but that this is always done in such a way that the client can hear and consider what is said.

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