"She is a capable and gifted professional who has exceeded our high standards..."

Tracey A. O'Malley,
Office of Professional Development, University of Georgia Training and Development
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Business Testimonials

"When our clients and their employees encounter Susan, they feel they have a friend..."

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Sherrie Ford, Principal
Steve Hollis, Principal
Change Partners LLC.

"Her preparation for each seminar is comprehensive and meets the unique needs of each audience..."

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Mary Clare DiGiacomo, M.Ed.,
Director of Online Learning

"Susan uses a variety of techniques to keep interest and involvement at a high level..."

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Robert Leiter,
The University of Georgia

"What distinguishes Susan from other clients is her instinctive ability to relate immediately to the client..."

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Reginald L.Woods,
Human Resources Senior Manager
The University of Georgia

"The training Susan delivered was an outstanding success..."

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Peter G. Stammers
Vice President Business Development Asia/Pacific Region
Meggit Taining Systems Austalia Pty Ltd.

"I am very grateful for her wisdom and willingness to help us on short notice..."

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Christine Kennedy
Advocacy and Workforce Development

"I would recommend Susan for any organization that wants to understand the dynamics in the management team and has a desire to grow..."

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Jim Rueter
Director of Manufacturing
National Vision Inc.

"Susan is one of our most highly rated and sought after consultants..."

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Tracy A. O'Malley
Manager office of Professional and Personal development
University of Georgia Training and Development

"Susan did an excellent job when she taught our students..."

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Mary Ann Barrett
Director of MBA Student Services
Terry College of Business
The University of Georgia

"As the owner of a small company, it is good to know how to deal with different personalities on a daily basis..."

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Kevin Layne
Owner & President
Screen Doctors,LLC

"When I heard Susan Silvers present her seminar, I quickly understood I was watching a capable professional whose material and presentation style galvanized her audience and focused our learning on the objective of more effective and persuasive communication.

As an instructor in the art of public speaking and message delivery, myself, I was impressed with Susan's ability to arrest the attention of her audience, keep us involved in her content, and convey the importance of following her practical applications.

Any organization would be fortunate to engage Ms. Silvers to instruct, coach, and model the best techniques for effectively communicating the message of successful interpersonal relations and improvement of message delivery. You will not be disappointed!

James A. Cress
GC Ministerial Association
Seventh-day Adventist Church World Headquarters

"While currently a Sales Representative for Satisloh North America, the prior twenty five years of my career were spent in an optical lab; the last ten, as Production Manager.

At that time, it was a practice of mine to attend at least one training session per year, and I required my supervisors to do the same. As a result, I was fortunate enough to meet and work with Susan Silvers.

Our facility was one of three sister labs; our lab out performing the other two by 30 to 50 %, in most cases. Surely there was something dynamic in our facility, yet we had internal issues that needed attention.

The lab was torn apart by conflict. Everyone had taken sides. Our production performance was great, yet work was stressful and difficult.

Susan focused us on those things that needed our attention and walked us through the barriers in our way. She interviewed all supervisors and managers, mediated conflict between two leaders, created a customized 360 degree feedback instrument and guided us in its use. She ran DiSC work style profiles on all lab management and led us to understand what was unique about our team. She trained us in a variety of topics and used experiential team building activities to help us see what we had difficulty seeing on our own.

As Susan coached and developed us over time; work became easier and less frustrating. She professionally handled all situations, earned our trust and built trust among team members. By the time her work with us was done, we had developed respect for one another and the unique perspectives and talents we each brought to the table. We no longer viewed each other as "difficult"; simply different, but of equal value.

t was a great experience to meet and work with Susan Silvers. Her one-on-one coaching and development of our Management Team changed all of us for the better. I recommend her without hesitation.

Jeff Brannan
Sales Representative
Satisloh North America Plains/Southwest Region

I'd like to take a moment to say "Thank you" to Susan Silvers for helping me grow as a corporate executive, a playwright and author, and a person. I have had many opportunities for personal and professional growth over the years, but have never had a better learning experience than with Susan.

From the moment Susan engages an individual or a classroom of participants, everyone is captivated. Many learning experiences led by others have been enjoyable ways to pass the time. They have been fun and I have enjoyed the camaraderie. I may have even taken one or two ideas with me, sometimes applied them and sometimes, not. While Susan's methods are also great fun, she has a unique way of building relationships between corporate departments as well as creative ways to help learning "stick." If you have a question, Susan has a comfortable way of helping you find the answer. She creates a climate of trust and openness.

I welcome every opportunity to attend a session with Susan Silvers at the helm, and I encourage you to do likewise. Whether a half-day, several days, or a series of sessions, be assured that when you leave, you will know more, have greater skill, and be ready to apply the learning to your situation. You will have also had a wonderful time!

Sue W. Lee
Oxford, GA 30054

My name is Sara Williams and I am a part of a team called the Next Level Leader Champions at Smelter Service Corporation. Our vision at Smelter is to...be the best aluminum recycler for the world. We do this through our mission of...providing total value to our customers in recovery, service, quality, and environmental responsibility, while operating as a financially healthy company that treats customers, suppliers, employees and community fairy and honestly. Our values are safety, quality, customer satisfaction, accountability, leadership, community, environment, communication, financial health, employee development and involvement. The NLLC team's objectives are to lead strategic framework initiatives; design, implement, and audit operating and administrative systems; teach key aspects of SSC's business to all SSC employees; and teach and demonstrate SSC values.

Susan Silvers has been instrumental in helping our team develop as leaders and putting together a plan for us to advance our key actions/initiatives for the year's strategic framework. In the two years I've been on this team, Susan has helped us each year by leading us through creating a list of projects for each of our key actions/initiatives, helping us prioritize each project, create project-specific objective statements, and complete action plans for each. In addition to all of that, she has taught us how to lead by example, to practice excellent facilitator skills, and to pull ourselves up when we get "bogged down in the weeds".

Susan has not only helped the team, but she has helped me, as leader of the team this year, to recognize each team members strengths and weaknesses, and to do all I can to help develop all of us to be a high performing work team. She does all of this in the most respectful way, while being honest and candid, and has taught us to do the same.

Our team is much more effective and efficient because of our time with Susan. Not only do I consider Susan a friend, but I highly value her expertise and thoughts on any subject matter. I would certainly consider consulting her on any business or personal matter requiring team involvement and leadership.

I would be happy to go into more detail and welcome a call or email to do so.

Sarah Williams
Smelter Service Corporation

To find out more contact Susan by clicking here or call 352-318-4962.