"She has a way of easily building trust with different types of people..."

Henry L. McKinney, Jr.
Hawthorne First Baptist Church
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Testimonials: Coaching & Marriage Work

"My wife and I participated in a church sponsored couples retreat run by Susan Silvers. I was impressed with her presentation.

Susan is a very compassionate presenter who is well organized and very knowledgeable. Her empathy and concern for the participants made this an unforgettable experience. I found her engaging, friendly, helpful and sympathetic to everyone at the retreat.

I would recommend Susan Silvers without hesitation.

Don Loftus

I invited Susan Keeter to my church to conduct a marriage workshop in January of 2006. It was my desire to offer something to the members of our church that would serve to strengthen their relationships. Having been widowed for ten years at the time, I, too, was interested in learning more about relationships and how they could be made stronger, in hopes that I would one day have the chance to remarry. Little did I know that Susan had lost her husband a number of years earlier.

When Susan came to our church her eagerness and willingness to help were evident. She made the meeting area interesting by placing items on the tables that invited "hands on" engagement. This served to reduce participant stress and made it easier for the kinesthetic learners. She gave everyone a chance to be a part of the discussion and made it safe for them to speak honestly. Both couples and individuals attended the workshop and Susan made it comfortable for everyone.

The DiSC profiling instrument that Susan used enabled participants to gain insight into their own and their spouse's way of behaving. Husbands and wives grasped how to relate more effectively in light of their style differences. Susan helped us understand what drains love from the marriage relationship and how to identify and meet one another's most important needs. She designed activities that allowed couples to go off on their own and talk about their issues. She followed these activities with full group debriefs that aided everyone's learning.

Following the workshop, I saw marriages strengthened and individuals building and maintaining healthier relationships both within the fellowship and with their families.

As for me, I was so impressed with Susan's marriage workshop that I asked her to marry me. We were married two years later.

I whole-heartedly recommend Susan as a relationship coach and marriage workshop leader.

Pastor Roy H. Silvers III
LaCrosse Baptist Church
LaCrosse, Florida

It was my privilege to recently participate in a one and one-half day marriage workshop facilitated by Susan Silvers. The workshop was highly interactive and engaging. Susan created a safe environment where honest discussion took place; she, herself, set the tone by openly sharing a number of her personal experiences. Throughout the workshop, helpful tools were provided which a couple could easily put into practice.

"Finger pointing"/criticism of one's spouse was not permitted. Instead, each individual was encouraged to look at himself/herself and consider what he/she needed to do differently in order to improve the marriage relationship.

Susan's expert facilitation of the DiSC behavioral style instrument helped participants understand themselves and their spouses better. Couples walked away with renewed hope and specific techniques for effectively dealing with style differences and style-based conflict.

The warmth of Susan's presentation confirms her genuineness and desire to convey helpful information, which she does very effectively. Her enthusiasm draws you into the workshop activities.

As a pastor, experienced counselor, and one who has been married for twenty-three years, I highly recommend Susan Silvers as a marriage workshop instructor. Her professionalism and expertise are evident the moment you meet her. She has a way of easily building trust with different types of people and increasing their confidence in their ability to make positive changes in their behavior. All who participate in a marriage workshop led by Susan Silvers will leave with the tools and confidence they need to build and sustain a mutually satisfying marriage relationship.

Pastor Henry L. McKinney, Jr.
Hawthorne First Baptist Church
Hawthorne, FL

Susan Silvers has been an invaluable resource to me for a number of years. Her ability to assess any situation and provide actionable advice has impacted both my personal and business life. She has demonstrated true wisdom and discernment, which are evident in the carefully crafted advice that she has provided me.

The tools that Susan offers as a life coach have revolutionized the way I approach relationships both inside and outside of the workplace. With her help I have become more aware of who I am and how to best interact with those around me. She has provided insight into my DiSC behavioral style allowing me to better understand my strengths and weaknesses. By gaining greater knowledge of myself I have attained higher levels of success.

Susan has shown me that conflict is both inevitable and beneficial. As she has taught me how to handle it appropriately it has served to strengthen my character and produce positive change. With Susan's help I have learned to approach every conflict situation with an open mind. As I have become more willing to address and resolve conflict I have experienced great personal growth and an increase in my ability to impact those around me.

I recommend Susan Silvers as a relationship and business coach to anyone seeking to challenge himself/herself and grow in his/her ability to positively influence others.

Corrin Hoffmann
Program Manager
Lynchburg Regional Chamber of Commerce

Susan coached and guided me through a particularly difficult time in my personal life. She helped me to change my perspective and develop a path forward when I had no clear direction.

The tools Susan provided allowed me to successfully resolve this, as well as, other difficult issues with positive outcomes and attitude. Her help has been of great benefit to me both personally and professionally.

Scott Van Heest
Information Specialist
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

I have enjoyed having you as a life coach regarding my current career challenges. As a minority trying to break into the executive levels of business, your input had extraordinary value.

When you cleverly made the connection between my personal emotional resistance and my frustration in the current climb up the corporate ladder as well as towards entrepreneurship, I was truly amazed.

I now know what I have to work on. As you stated so clearly, my mission is much more important than the activities going on in the current environment. As long as I stay focused on my mission, everything else will come easily. This paradigm shift has made a major difference in my level of performance and my creativity in starting my own business.

Thank you again for taking the time to be a coach to me.

Susan Jameson
LifeBlooms Wellness

Susan Silvers has been a tremendous asset to me in both my professional and personal life. As a school teacher, Susan has coached me over the years on ways to be more effective in dealing with both parents and colleagues. Susan's guidance on conducting Parent-Teacher Conferences has been tremendously helpful. I have also learned much about leadership from Susan. This has allowed me to have greater impact in the various roles I have assumed in the school system.

On a personal level, Susan's conflict management and communication skills training and coaching have been very beneficial. I have put many of Susan's strategies to good use with colleagues, friends, neighbors and family.

When my husband and I were experiencing a very difficult time in our marriage, Susan met with us and helped us work through our issues successfully. She led us to understand the nature of our conflict, taught us a practical issue resolution process and helped us develop skill in its use.

Susan is extremely well-read and has a wealth of information to offer. Her broad skill set makes her a valuable resource in a number of different arenas. I would wholeheartedly recommend Susan as both a personal and professional coach.

Jane Van Heest
Honey Creek Elementary School

In working with Susan I find her to be high energy and very personable on both a group and individual level. I have experience with Susan in both formal and informal group settings. I find that she is able to channel a group's energy and responses to create an interactive, fun, learning environment.

I have also worked with Susan on a personal level, with the DISC personality profile. I have been able to incorporate the skills obtained from this one-on-one training in both my personal and business interactions. This personalized training has added great insight into my own personality traits, as well as helping me better understand the actions and reactions of others.

I would recommend Susan to anyone looking for a high energy, dynamic presenter for both group and one-on-one training.

Priscilla R. Kirby
Senior Commercial Analyst

I think of Susan often, remembering one of the most important conversations that we shared.

As a participant in one of her marriage workshops, I was admiring her gift in being able to give such positive affirmations to each person.

I remember telling Susan that, "I would never be able to do that."

After she asked me why I would say that, I continued to explain to her that, "I would get too emotional. I'd cry the whole time." I remember saying to her, "I'll have to overcome this weakness before I could do anything like that."

There was a turning point in my life at that exact time, when her words of encouragement and support changed my life. She said, "That is not a weakness, but rather one of the greatest strengths a person can have. This is how you will be able to connect with people."

This, along with many other lessons learned with Susan's help, whether it was business related lessons in leadership, facilitating skills, or one of the more personal marriage workshops, has influenced my life in very powerful ways. Through Susan, I was encouraged in sharing, I gained confidence in my abilities, boldness in speaking, and more importantly, caring in listening.

Interestingly enough, the one conversation that I've referred to that changed my life, took place over seven years ago, yet I remember it clearly. When someone has a God given ability to lead others to be leaders, their shared experience and wisdom is not easily forgotten, but demonstrated daily through a constant desire to build others to be the best they can be.

What Susan shares is everlasting. These aren't lessons that end when the class is over. Because she gives so much of herself, we too can give.

God has given us all positions of influence. We are all leaders in one form or another. You may be a parent, sister, brother, teacher, neighbor, or friend and with each comes the perfect opportunity to positively influence a multitude of people whether directly or indirectly, as Susan has done for us.

Nathan K. Pannell

My name is Sara Williams and I am the Director of the Kids On Stage Foundation of Maury County, Tennessee, Inc. KOS is a nonprofit Tennessee corporation founded in 1999 by Jim G. Barrier, CEO of Smelter Service Corporation in Mt. Pleasant, Tennessee. We partner with the Maury County Public School System and the Mt. Pleasant Middle School of the Visual and Performing Arts to make a difference in the community.

To date, we have provided support to our community by inviting organizations to utilize the middle school's state-of-the-art arts wing and theater and by sharing our students' talents through visual art exhibits and performances. We focus our efforts on the KOS Board's continued commitment to administer the Foundation, outfit and support repairing and replacing equipment in the arts wing at MPMSVPA, create real world experiences that are kid driven, and support leadership and team development and training for faculty and staff.

In my role as Director, I have had the opportunity to work with Susan Silvers specifically in leading leadership and team development for the leadership team of the middle school, which consists of the principal, assistant principal, and all lead teachers for each subject area. The very concept of having a leadership team at the middle school was introduced to the principal of the school through KOS from teachings from Susan in her years of work with Smelter Service Corporation. Susan has helped me tremendously in coaching me on the best way to introduce ideas and concepts to the principal as well as this team to help us go to the next level in leadership development. This is particularly challenging due to my role not being a typical "school system" employee in that I work for a company that finally supports the nonprofit organization, not for the school.

In addition to Susan coaching and teaching me on how to introduce ways for the team to develop as leaders, she has provided many tools, books, etc. for the team to see examples of successes and the benefit in what we are trying to do. I would be happy to provide more detailed information on how Susan has helped me as a leader. Please call or email me with any questions you may have. I would call on her advice and expertise on how to face any potential problem or hurdle that may arise in any setting, business or personal. I am honored to consider her a friend.

Sara Williams,
Kids On Stage Foundation of Maury County, Tennessee, Inc.

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